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What is Suorin and What are Pod Vapes?

Suorin is a company focused on the mini vaporizer market. Mini vapes or pod vapes offer a unique benefit to its would-be users. Many smokers have used vaporizers and other vaping devices as alternatives and even as replacements to conventional means of nicotine intake and consumption. However, some smokers eventually run into two major obstacles that cause them to go back to smoking and make a bad memory of the time they tried vaping. The first is the sloppy performance of cheap vape pens and second is the complication involved in using sophisticated vape tech. It’s always easier to grab a cigarette, light it up, and just flick the filter away or just tamp it down an ash tray. Some consumers even find it exacting to go through the trouble of choosing an e-liquid, charging a vaporizer, and setting it up before they get their nicotine fix. Also, the process of selecting or picking out a flavor, nicotine level, e-liquid consistency, and other variables involved before you get to start vaping can be a little too daunting for other smokers. Some find that it isn’t just worth the trouble, not to mention that some vaporizers have rebuildable atomizers which require you to occasionally change and replace the cotton wicks and the wires on the heating element.

Enter the pod vaporizers.

Pod vapes are devices that are smaller in size with fewer parts and moving pieces than the traditional vaporizer. It’s basically made up of two components; the battery and the pod. The battery provides the vaporizer its much needed power while the pods hold the essentials; the heating element, the material and the wick. This simplifies the process especially because some pods are pre-filled with e-liquids. You simply just have to pop the pod in the battery and you can start vaping. Suorin aims to seize and capitalize on this market segment with their products that are specifically designed for smokers looking for a healthy alternative. Suorin is a company that boasts deep technical background, backed up by a highly capable and professional R&D team. The company is geared to becoming a leader in this market segment and bring products that address the common problems transitioning smokers run into.
Based in Shenzhen, China, Suorin’s headquarters is located in the Nanshan District. The Nanshan area is home to some of China’s most successful companies which now seats Suorin’s base location. A befitting backdrop for Suorin’s rise to success. Today, Suorin ships its major products worldwide and have staple clients in countries like Canada, USA, Russia, Germany, Poland, France, UK, Spain, Italy, Mexico, Japan, and Korea. Suorin vaporizers continue to saturate the current pod vape industry and steadily gain an increasing number of followers.

Why Suorin?

The industry is filled with too many vaporizers from different companies. Even the pod vape market has an insane abundancy of cheap and substandard devices that are manufactured mainly for profit. Suorin is different from these companies, not only because Suorin has a good understanding of how pod vapes work but Suorin also has a genuine care and intention to help smokers get over their addiction and dependency. They’re transparent to the limitations and the applications of their products. Instead of hiding this information or masking it in fine print, Suorin advises its customers that their vaporizers are intended only for smokers and is not recommended for minors and pregnant women as well as individuals that have serious medical conditions. They have been clear that their vaporizers aren’t exactly a cessation device but will aid consumers who are transitioning.

Suorin offers smokers an effective and efficient means of managing their nicotine cravings in hopes of eventually freeing them of their dependency. Their devices are reliable and dependable. They’re tasteful, stylish and are sophisticated. The perfect balance of form and function. Suorin believes in the virtues of freedom, the potential to break free from anything that holds you away from being your best self, the best version of you. That’s why Suorin products are made to work and function as simple and as straightforward pod vapes can get. No hassle, no learning curves. Suorin looks to be a brand that’s synonymous to healthy vaping and healthy living which sets them apart from manufacturers that only focus on the recreational side of vaping.

If you choose to live a healthier lifestyle, choose Suorin.

Suorin’s Newest Product

Suorin aims to provide its customers with an all in one solution for all their e-liquid consumption needs. Part of Suorin’s master plan is to manufacture other vaping essentials like vaporizers for botanical herbs and other loose-leaf materials, vaporizers for CBD and other concentrates as well as e-cig box mods and e-cig tanks, cartridges, and atomizers. Suorin is always on the lookout for new vape tech and contemporary design and engineering to come up with some of the best vaporizers the industry seems lack of.

Suorin Edge

suorin edge

One of their latest releases is a vaporizer that’s set to revolutionize the way you see pod vapes. Introducing the Edge. Suorin Edge may well be the world’s first and only pod vape with removeable and replaceable battery – mind blown? Yes, we are too. Nobody saw this coming. The Suorin Edge’s unconventional design easily saw many applications. Portable vaporizers always had to be recharged at some point. Especially pod vapes, they’re not called mini vapes for no reason. Their size virtually limits their capacity to carry larger batteries, no one likes to stop vaping and wait for 30 or so minutes just to have their battery charged. This intuitive design almost instantly solves this issue with smaller and more compact vaporizer like the Suorin Edge. Instead of bringing extra power sources, like a laptop or a power bank maybe? One can simply bring some batteries when they go out and about with the Suorin Edge. What’s more is that its charging port s type-c USB. I mean, who does that right? Nobody. That’s correct, nobody does that even though today’s devices run on type-c ports, and cables. While all vaporizers on the market today uses micro USB charging, the Suorin Edge is one of the first few vaporizers to use type-c charging cables. The charging ports aren’t even located on the body of the battery, they’re located at the bottom of the removeable battery which means you can charge they separately without having to let go of the vaporizer.

If that doesn’t pique your interest at all, then I don’t know what else would. Nevertheless, here’s what to expect when you buy a Suorin Edge.


The Suorin Edge comes in a standard box that opens by lifting the cover upwards. Doing so will expose the contents of the box revealing the vaporizer inside. The inside of box will have two different layers, the top layer holding the Edge vaporizer. You’ll notice that you’ll receive two batteries, the one separated and sits snugly inside a dedicated compartment while the other is inserted inside the housing of the battery. A separate box located just right beneath the first layer holds the type-c USB charging cable and some warning labels. The Suorin Edge does not come with a pod and the pods must be purchased separately.

The pods come in small standard packaging. Opening the box reveals the pod in its sealed cover, just tear away and take the pod.

Design and Build Quality

The Suorin Edge is housed in an aluminum alloy body which that is both durable and lightweight. The body or the chassis that holds the Suorin Edge together features a smooth matte finish reminiscent of expensive smartphones giving it a premium look and feel. The branding is subtle and is not overly done. Enough to be discreet yet discernable, printed in matte grey hues on both sides. The vaporizer looks sleek and sexy overall with a minimalistic vibe giving the Edge a low-key appearance and a discreet demeanor. This makes it perfect for stealth vaping or even if you simply just want to keep it cool and quiet. Its overall design makes it so that it does not attract too much attention even when in use.

Moving on to the batteries, they share the same external finish at the bottom and the type-c USB ports look durable enough to withstand extensive use. The part of the battery which goes inside the chassis is covered in transparent plastic and shows some information about the battery specs. Precautionary reminders as well as global standard specifications are printed in the part which holds the battery. Overall, the battery of the Suorin Edge looks sturdy and can take more than the average beating you’d subject a battery to. The pods show the same build quality and looks like it’ll give you your money’s worth.

The Suorin Edge, generally, looks and feels like a durable unit that can tolerate daily use and survive a good amount of daily carrying activity and daily use.

Who’s It For?

The Suorin Edge is a solid vaporizer, individuals who require a steady and continuous nicotine fix will surely appreciate the removeable and replaceable batteries of the Suorin Edge.

Heavy smokers who feel the need to constantly smoke are the ones that will make good use of the Suorin Edge.

Consumers who are always out and about and find that they might be in a place where the ability to charge is limited will also find that the Suorin Edge is the right vape for them. The ability to just swap out used batteries with new ones will greatly benefit users who are always on the go.

Even party goers and backpackers will benefit from the features of the Suorin Edge.



Top Selling Products 

Apart from the Edge, Suorin has already manufactured great vaporizers that customers have learned to love. It only proves to show that they know what they’re doing and they’re not new to the pod-based platform. Some of these vaporizers have been around for years and have helped smokers lead a healthier lifestyle. They no longer have to inhale toxic byproducts found on traditional commercial cigarettes. Suorin vapes produce clean vapors while still maintaining convenient and easy use which appeals to smokers allowing them to enjoy and experience the same ease of use as lighting up a cigarette.  

Suorin Air

suorin air

Suorin Air is one of Suorin’s flagship devices. It features a boxy build giving it a more pocketable dimension. The Suorin Air is also an inconspicuous device which can easily be mistaken for a credit card holder or an iPod rather than an actual vaporizer. Only individuals familiar with the Suorin Air will notice this vaporizer. It has an unmistakable sophisticated feel, thanks to its opaque pod sitting atop the battery. At first glance, the Suorin Air emanates style, refinement, and modernization. It’s so hip that one would realize that it goes well with a tux or a suit. You can say that in terms of design and aesthetics, the Suorin Air was simply made for the modern-day gentleman. The Suorin Air introduced a new refillable pod system that allowed consumers to use their select e-juices and e-liquid blends instead of being restricted to a particular e-liquid, and while other pod vapes have disposable pods, the Suorin Air allowed for its pods to be reusable and refillable. Now that’s real value for your money. The pods are draw activated meaning the Suorin Air has no buttons that needs to be pushed in order to function. Much like the pulling and puffing you’re used to when smoking cigarettes, the Suorin Air also releases vapor by performing the same action.

However, unlike the Suorin Edge, the Suorin Air has an integrated battery that stays fixed inside its body. Although the battery can’t be removed, Suorin installed a battery with pass-through charging capabilities. This means that you can use the Suorin Air even when it’s charging. On a full charge, the Suorin Air is capable of yielding 300 draws. Depending on how often you vape, this will last you a one to two day’s use.


The Suorin Air comes in a white box that opens up by pulling the top part upwards. The box holds up well, it’s not too tight that’s nearly impossible to open it and not too loose that the contents will fall off easily. Once you open the box, you’ll find the Suorin Air. The pod will initially be separated from the battery. The compartment that holds the vaporizer and the battery is soft enough that you’ll be confident the Suorin Air won’t be easily damaged during transit and delivery. The box containing the Suorin Air holds a second layer of compartment that contains a box that holds the user guide and the charging cable.

Design and Build Quality

Like all Suorin products, the Air feels sturdy and durable. Although it’s lightweight, the metallic body that protects the battery and holds the pod feels substantially strong. The pods likewise look durable enough especially since they’re reusable. The dark plastic material used in the pods make them look more solid. One of the most common issues with portable vaporizers is durability because unlike desktop rigs and other heavier and bulkier vaporizers that require you to stay at home, portable vapes are prone and are subjected to more damage since they go almost anywhere you go. They don’t sit safe atop your table; portable vaporizers often have to endure being inside your pocket and they have to be strong enough to sustain minor bumps and accidental drops. The Suorin Air looks like it can survive all that while still maintaining a classy look and feel. The Suorin Air does not make any rattling sound, a sign that every component is carefully placed inside so as to ensure that there are no lose or moving parts.

Inspecting the pod, you’ll find that it connects magnetically to the battery. Although there will be no audible click when you place the pod on top of the battery, it will not fall apart and it will not leak over when you keep it inside your pocket. It boasts a leak-proof design making it an insanely travel-friendly device. The layout of the Suorin Air is simple. You’ll find a port for charging the Suorin Air with a micro USB cable. On the other side, you’ll find a on and of button. The ability to turn the Suorin Air on or off helps users conserve battery life and prevent misfires or any accidents while the Suorin Air is kept inside their bags, their pockets, or simply kept in the drawer.

Who’s It For?

The Suorin Air is for both beginners and experienced users alike, and every smoker looking for a healthy and stealthy vape.

The Suorin Air will not produce clouds of vapor that will blot out your face when you take a selfie with your smartphone. The Suorin is made for quick hits with thin wisps of vapor. The overall vapor output is ideal for outdoor use since it won’t exactly make a scene whenever you vape.

The Suorin Air is best for professionals who look to smoke during breaks.

Those who like to hang out in coffee shops that allow smoking will also find the Suorin Air a useful tool.

Suorin Drop

suorin drop

The dimensional feature of the Suorin Drop is unconventional in both form and function. One of its striking features is its teardrop shape – hence the name Suorin Drop. The Suorin Drop can be a total standout or it can be totally invisible. Its size and shape allow users to firmly grasp it and conceal it inside the palm of their hands. It’s designed ergonomically so as to ensure that you won’t strain your hands while using it. Moreover, what’s inside the Suorin Drop will surprise you more than what it has to offer aesthetically. The Suorin Drop is as safe as it’s good looking, it has fast charging potential while having overcharging protection. The Suorin Drop offers more than just safe vaping, it also provides users with longer battery life being outfitted with a 310mAh battery. You can say that the Suorin Air was made to provide consumers the utmost convenience when vaping. What might look uncanny holds what could be one of the smartest batteries on the market today. The Suorin Drop does not compromise in both appearance and performance.


The design of the Suorin Drop’s box seems to deviate from the original Suorin packaging. Instead of having a box that lets you pull it open upwards, it uses a box that opens sideward flapping outwards. But before you get to it, you’ll have to pull out a carton that covers the actual box. The box holding the Suorin Drop is textured so as to prevent slips and falls while one is carrying or handling it. Furthermore, it has magnetic clips so it won’t just open and your vaporizer won’t easily fall off. The compartment holding the vaporizer firmly grasps it in a way that the Suorin Drop will be kept safe even during transit as he contents of the box won’t jiggle or vibrate causing unwanted damage even before you get to use it. Unlike the Suorin Air, the Suorin Drop already comes set up with the battery and the pod already attached to each other. You only need to load it with your select e-liquids and you’re already ready to vape.

Under the first layer of pockets holding the vape is another box that’ll hold all the paperwork for your Suorin Drop including the charger.

Design and Build Quality

The Suorin Drop has a glossy finish and it’s obvious that the Suorin Drop leans more on the flashy side of vaping. You’ll easily notice a protruding sphere in the middle that swaggers the Suorin logo. Behind the Suorin Drop is more branding printed in white. Out of all the Suorin vaporizers on this list so far, the Suorin Drop has the most pronounced branding and is the most eye-catching vaporizer so far. It shares the same aluminum build as its brother the Suorin Air, durability and dependability will not be an issue for the Suorin Drop. You’re sure that it won’t easily break and its unusual arched and domed structure makes it all the more stronger than other typical vaporizers.

Who’s It For?

The Suorin Drop is for the hip and for the trendy. It targets a market that belongs to a younger-aged category. Those who value looks as much as performance will find that the Suorin Drop is the ideal vaporizer for them.

The Suorin Drop’s unusual shape makes it an eye catcher. Onlookers and passersby will keep on guessing what you hold in the palm of your hands. The only time you’ll give the Suorin Drop away is when you start to pull vapors from it. It’s true that vaporizers, especially mini vapes or pod vapes come in the uncanniest shape and size. However not many vaporizers sport a teardrop design making the Suorin Drop an icon in the pod-based platform.

The Suorin Drop may appeal to legal aged youth since it looks and feels like it’s for the younger generation unlike the Suorin Air which has an unmistakable sophisticated design. If you find yourself on the market shopping for a trendy and durable vape, then the Suorin Drop is the right vape for you.

Suorin Vagon

suorin vagon

Talk about unusual design. The Suorin Vagon matches the Suorin Drop in aesthetics and ergonomics. It boasts a futuristic looking layout. If you’ve been following Suorin vapes for quite a while now, you’d know that they manufacture some of the oddest-looking devices. But these devices weren’t just designed and created in such a way to catch attention. No, every design has a purpose. A wise man once said that design is how it works and not simply how it looks. The Vagon is outfitted with a belt snap which you can use for the obvious reason. Some of the common complaints of vape users is the inability to easily keep a vaporizer after use. Some have practiced carrying a bag while others use lanyards and even a few made their vaporizers look like small purses and slapped chains to carry it like a sling bag. They all make the vaporizer a little too obvious and make it so that it catches the attention of the crowd when you’re in public.

Suorin has anticipated this and have designed and manufactured a vaporizer that does not require any carrying case. The Suorin Vagon can be easily connected to your belt and eve if you’re not wearing one, can be attached to the edges of your trousers. You don’t have to worry about finding a place somewhere you can stash the Suorin Vagon. You can take it with you almost anywhere with you handsfree. And it doesn’t stop there, the Suorin Vagon provides the same ergonomic comfort as the Suorin Drop. You see, although the Suorin Vagon looks pretty much like a vape pen, its form is curved allowing for easier handling therefore preventing hand strain when in use.


Similar to other Suorin products, the Suorin Vagon comes in a standard white box that opens by pulling up the cover. Underneath the cover is the actual vaporizer, assembled and not in any way separated. Above the Suorin Vagon is a caution card explaining some of the don’ts of using the Suorin Vagon. The compartment that holds the vaporizer has a snug fit and the vaporizer won’t easily be dislodged from the actual compartment box which holds it. Unlike the Suorin Air, the packaging of the Suorin Vagon is pretty standard.

Beneath the first compartment you’ll find another box that contains some of the essentials like the charging cable, the warranty card and other inclusions.

Design and Build Quality

In terms of design and build quality, you can clearly see that the Suorin Vagon is made pretty rough. Although the edges of the Suorin Vagon is curved to provide ergonomic pleasure, you’d notice that the body and the actual pods of the Suorin Vagon are made robust and hard-wearing. This is because of its design and layout and the actual purpose to which the Suorin Vagon was designed for. Unlike other vaporizers that are made to be kept safe inside the protection of a bag, a pouch, or even a sleeve or a leather and a silicone case, the Suorin Vagon was made to withstand the challenges of everyday carrying activities bare and au naturel.

It still remains inconspicuous amidst the unusual design since it pretty much resembles an innocent marker rather than an actual vape pen. Today’s vape pens and pod vape take up a straight perpendicular shape. The Suorin Vagon has a more curved body with wider girth. If you take a closer inspection, you’ll soon notice that following the curved design, the actual mouthpiece is also curved. Not only does the Suorin Vagon was designed to ergonomically fit in the palm of your hands, it’s also made to provide even more comfort to you and your lips during the actual vaping process.

The body of the Suorin Vagon features a glossy finish. Although it’s smooth and sleek, it still does not catch as much fingerprints as other vaporizers that has a fine finish on its exterior. The pods however are tinted and have an opaque appearance to it. The pods have the same construction quality as other Suorin pods and have a leak-proof design with a tight-fitting draw. If you’re used to the draw resistance of conventional cigarette smoke, you’ll love the Suorin Vagon.

Who’s It For?

The Suorin Vagon seems to be much more suited for the active professionals, those who can’t afford to have their vaporizers left out, or at the very least broken due to accidental drops and other unwanted mishaps. With the Suorin Vagon’s intuitive clip design, vape users will no longer have to worry about running into accidents with their pod vape.

It’s also good for individuals who like to experience a little stealth and discretion when vaping outside. Because the Suorin Vagon looks like a humble marker, no one would suspect that what you carry in your pocket is a vaporizer – well, not until you pull it out and start vaping with it.

Suorin iShare

suorin ishare

Suorin iShare represents every aspect and sense of the word it’s so aptly named after. It was built for sharing or if you've got none to share with at the moment, basically multi flavored vaping. The Suorin iShare was designed to pack two separate pod vapes while having a separate battery which acts as a receptacle to hold the vaporizers while doubling as a power bank to remotely charge your two small vaporizers. You virtually carry two portable vapes at once, regardless if you’re a heavy vaper or not you need not worry. The two small vapes carry around 130mAh battery capacity while the large power bank portable charging station has about 1400mAh battery capacity. Either way you’re almost as sure that you’re never going to run out of battery during a whole day of vaping.

One of the most appreciated features of the Suorin iShare is its extreme versatility. Imagine, you take your Suorin iShare with you when you go out for the night. Wanting to go inside a pub, take two sticks with you. Both iShare stick measure only up to 3 inches long, both are slim and are nearly noticeable and detectable once inside your pocket. Once you’re done, simply head back to your vehicle and pop both iShare sticks back in. They’ll charge up once they’re in the portable power bank. You can fill both pods with one vape e-liquid or you can use different flavored juices in both of the pods. How cool is that?


The Suorin iShare comes in a much larger box since it has larger hardware than most vaporizers in the Suorin line up. The standard white box which opens up as you pull it up and the vape contents that could be found inside.

Two compartments separate what you’ll find in the box. The first compartment holds the vaping system. Two vape sticks and the actual battery hat acts as a power bank. You’ll find both of the batteries sitting on the left-hand side of the box while the larger battery sits flush on the right. Like all of Suorin’s packaged vaporizers, the iShare is also securely held by the compartment so as not to let its contents easily fall off. Below you’ll find the second layer which holds other essentials.

Design and Build Quality

You’d notice that Suorin seems to never repeat and make the same designs twice. You’d find that almost all of the vaporizers made by Suorin are unique and offer different sets of advantages to different type of consumers. For the iShare, the design leans towards variability and overall versatility of use. The vape sticks make for good stealthy components individually while they make one robust device when you connect them with each other. It’s a whole separate vaping system making it one independent unit.

The focus of the iShare is to eliminate the risks of having run out of battery. It’s every pod vaper’s nightmare, running out of power while in the middle of a vaping session. Although you now at the back of your head that a vaporizer this small can only carry so much power. It’s not like you’re packing a portable vape mod? However, the Suorin iShare aims to change all that. With easy removal and replacement of the vape sticks on the portable vape charger shows the kind of build quality the Suorin iShare has. All parts and pieces are durable enough to withstand a decent amount of carrying activity. The pods effectively hold the e-liquids and won’t easily leak unless forced to.

Who’s It For?

While most Suorin vapes seem to have a targeted market niche, the Suorin iShare seems to have been made for everybody. You can share the fun with the Suorin iShare or even make the most of what resources you have especially your e-liquids.

Limited and Special Edition Models

Suorin vaporizers also come in sweet looking limited-edition and special edition models although only two vaporizers (Suorin Air and Suorin Drop) have these limited-edition and special edition variants. The Suorin Air has a Hollywood Red and a Navy special edition model. Both of these variations come in matte colors although they have no significant difference with the regular models. For the Suorin Drop, you’ll get to get your hands on their metallic gold, prism blue, and the most sought-after metallic rainbow colorway. Like the Air models, they have no significant difference from the original models but having such sweet colors is just insane. So, if you like showing off your vaporizers, these limited-edition and special edition models will work best for you.


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