Privacy Policy

What happens when you visit our website?  

 Our website automatically collects certain information upon each and every visit and transaction. This information includes but are not limited to e-mail information, IP addresses and cookies, as well as notice of updates about our website.  

E-mail Information 

While we strongly suggest doing business at our website though our secure webforms, depending on your preference, we may choose to conduct business via e-mail. To protect sensitive personal information sent to us by e-mail, we implement both physical and technical security policies that are strictly enforced in our company. This unique security management ensures that no data ever leaves our building which could be used against our clients. 

Cookies and IP Addresses 

Like any good website, ours would like to keep our visitors happy and satisfied by making sure they enjoy a progressive experience after each and every visit. Our web pages use text files placed in your computer's browser to keep your preferences updated which allows us to suggest more products depending on the history you've left the last time you visited. Not only do this information benefit you in terms of your overall experience but it also protects you and our website from harmful viruses and fraudulent activity which may jeopardize your privacy.  

Update Notification 

Details about website improvements and upgrades are disseminated to our customers though newsletters. We also inform our followers of new promotions, discounts, new products and price markdowns though the same media so be sure to subscribe. 

The above information is used to monitor and supervise our website which are then utilized for its overall maintenance. It is also used to improve your overall experience, such as faster processing of orders, suggested items and more. Unlike most websites, we only collect the necessary details and only once you decide to make your purchase, the required details will include the following:  

  • Name: 
  • Shipping Address: 
  • Email Address: 
  • Telephone Number 
  • Credit Card Number: 
  • Name on Credit Card: 
  • Expiration Date: 
  • Credit Card Billing Address: 
  • 3-Digit Security CCV Code: 

Rest assured that the information we collect are kept safe and we are not permitted to sell or trade your personal details without your clear and specific consent. This information will only be used in valid transactions such as payment processing, order and shipping fulfillment as well as other related activities that are required to completing your requests. While the information we gather are used for your advantage only, we may at times also use minor details to generate statistical reports in order to allow us to understand the market better, it will also help us diverse and create better campaigns for our products and our services. We know that a little information can go a long way, and we aim to make sure the information we gather are properly and are lawfully used.   

How we keep you protected?  

Our website uses one of the industry's most reliable medium to transfer sensitive information online. Secure Sockets Layer, or SSL, is capable of transmitting information safely and provides hundreds of layers of protection by using 256-bit encryption systems, one of the best means of electronically moving these details securely. This encrypted means of conveying such delicate information prevents even our employees to access over your financial details which include your credit card, debit card, and e-check account information. Furthermore, the information we collect such as your order information is stored and kept safe in a password-protected zone where only authorized staff members are allowed entry.  

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions regarding your information.  

*The privacy policies stated above can be changed or amended by Suorin by electronic communication or by directly posting the changes on this website. All amelioration will be in effect right after 30 days after it's initially posted.  

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