Terms of Service

The following terms completely govern your use and access of this website. The terms "we, us, our" refers to suorinvaporizers.com. Your ability and entitlement to use and access this website is conditioned upon your acceptance of the terms and policies stated herein.

By accessing our website, you state your agreement to these terms and that you are of legal smoking age as this website, the theme of its content, and the products that are available in this website are intended for audiences who are of legal smoking age.

General Conditions

  • The products sold in this website should be used with caution and in moderation. These products contain nicotine and are designed to help smokers with nicotine dependency find a healthier alternative. These products are in no way intended to promote smoking and nicotine abuse. 
  • By accessing and using our website, as well as making an online purchase, you understand and confirm that the use of vaporizers and aromatherapy devices are deemed legal in your country or region.  
  • You take full responsibility and understand the risks of using such devices and Suorin vaporizers or any of our affiliates, partners, and employees will in no way be held responsible for any misuse of any of the products sold herein.  


    • We cannot be held liable for any loss, damage, or injury due to misuse and mishandling of our products.  
    • This website may contain information about specific products which include but is not limited to, technical specification, product description, reviews, product analysis, and evaluation. Any misinterpretation of the said content which may lead to harmful, destructive, and unfavorable consequences cannot be used against us and our associates.  
    • Information found on this website is presented "as available," the same goes for products and they're provided "as is" without warranty of any kind either expressed or implied. 
    • In several occasions, information posted on this website might contain typographical errors as well as imprecisions, or omissions. You agree and honor our rights in correcting such errors, inaccuracies, and exclusions which may lead to cancelation of orders should any information be deemed incorrect.  
    • The website will at times contain personal thoughts and opinions of our moderators and administrators which will be purely subjective to their own views and perspectives. Such information should be in no way deemed perfect and error-free and should not be taken as legitimate and proper advice to any of your health-related concerns. We still strongly believe that it's still best to seek the guidance and counselling of a medical practitioner.  


        • By accessing this site, you agree to indemnify Suorin or any of our partners, affiliates, associates, employees, agents, re-sellers, suppliers, and service providers from any claims, requests, or demands including just and equitable fees such as those involving the services of an attorney.  

        Intellectual Property 

        • All the information on this website including its content in the form of text, pictures, audio and video files are considered properties of Suorin. Any unauthorized replication, whether electronically, physically, or by any means is considered unlawful and a violation of these terms.  
        • In addition to the illegal act of reproducing our content you cannot use our name to solicit any money or information in the act of spam mails, phishing, to gather information from our customers and use them for your own personal gain.  
        • You cannot use the name of Suorin or any of our partners and employees to perform unauthorized transactions or conduct unauthorized business on our behalf.  
        • You cannot use our name to harass and abuse anyone by any form which includes e-mails, chat, phone calls and such acts of impersonating any of our employees will be subjected to the governing laws intended to punish such criminal acts.  
        • Moreover, you cannot quote, rewrite, revise, or reword any of our content to make it appear objectionable and libelous.   


            • We hold the right to exercise to change, alter, or amend these terms without further notice.  
            • We also hold the right to terminate your services and block you from using our website anytime we deem necessary should we feel that you have violated these terms.  
            • Likewise, we can also remove you from any communications or activities that are organized, instituted, and are run by Suorin. 
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