Suorin Air Leather Case
Suorin Air Leather Case
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Suorin Air Leather Case

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Protect your Suorin Air from dust and dirt with this classic looking leather case. Available in black and brown with stitched edges for increased durability.

Suorin Air Leather Case 

The Suorin Air Leather Case protects your Suorin Air Vaporizer from dusts and dirt. It helps prolong the lifespan of your favorite Suorin Air Vaporizer and keeps it safe from minor dents and scratches brought by daily use and carrying activity. It comes in two stylish colors and is made with rubbers stitched from the inside to allow easy and convenient removal and replacement of your Suorin Air Pod Vaporizer.  

Not only does the leather case provide your Suorin Air with a cushion of protection, it also makes for a stylish statement allowing you to carry the perfect look all the time. Whether it may be a formal occasion or a casual gathering with friends and families, the Suorin Air Leather Case will keep you covered in both style and protection.  

Leather Fever 

The Suorin Air Leather Case makes for a sophisticated cover for a pod-based vaporizer. Not many manufacturers offer this much extension to a pod-based vaporizer, the leather case makes for an appealing cover that’s relatively convenient and comfortable to the touch. Though we craft leather cases for our Suorin Air Vaporizers, we make sure that the quality of the vaporizer itself is not compromised. The leather carrying case is merely an extension of the vaporizer’s style that doubles as a protective cover to keep your Suorin Air safe and stealthy when you travel. These leather cases feature side stitched panels that ensure the cover’s longevity, the insides of the leather carrying case is lined with soft material to keep your Suorin Air Vaporizer safe, anywhere you go.  

Grab yourself a Suorin Air Vaporizer Leather Case and experience a new way to carry and protect your favorite e-liquid vaporizer. Enjoy a classic yet new way to care for your Suorin Air.  

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