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Suorin Air Pod Kit

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The Suorin Air features cutting-edge engineering and sophisticated design. It’s not just an alternative to smoking, the Air is intended as a replacement for conventional cigarettes.

Break away from the limitations of the average pod-based vaporizer and fill up the Suorin Air’s state-of-the-art pods with your select e-liquid blends. Enjoy limitless options with Suorin Air’s pods that are compatible with almost all of the e-liquid products on the market today. Soar into greater heights, choose Suorin Air.


2ml Pod/Cartridge (Refillable)

The Suorin Air uses a refillable pod that can accommodate a wide variety of e-liquids. Enjoy nic-salt e-liquids, free-base e-liquids, and nicotine-free e-liquids.

Auto Draw Activated Mechanism

Automatically draw vapors from the Suorin Air without having to push any buttons. Convenient, fast, easy.

400mAh Rechargeable Battery

This powerful battery can reach a full charge from empty in as fast as 30 minutes. And although it charges quickly, those who can’t wait can take advantage of its pass-through charging feature. Vape on your select e-liquids even while the Suorin Air is charging.

Suorin Air Pod Kit


  • Auto Draw Activated Mechanism
  • Approximately 300 Draws Per Pod
  • Master Switch On/Off
  • 2ml Pod/Cartridge (Refillable)
  • 400mAh Rechargeable Battery
  • Approximate Weight: 35g
  • Dimensions: 86 x 43 x mm








The Suorin Air is a compact and convenient vaporizer that runs on the pod-based system. It features a refillable cartridge that can easily accommodate any e-liquid allowing you to use a variety of blends from nic-salt e-liquids, free-base e-liquids, nicotine-free e-liquids as well as e-juices of certain mixtures like the 60/40 VG/PG e-juices for dense clouds or 70/30 VG/PG e-juices for flavorful hits. Filling the cartridges are easy. Here’s how.

  1. Remove the Suorin Air pod from the battery and remove the top cartridge.
  2. Secure the stopper found at the bottom of the cartridge and remove it as well.
  3. Once the inside of the cartridge is exposed, fill it with your select e-liquid blend until full.
  4. After you’ve filled the cartridge, you may replace the stopper and assemble the pieces back together.

After filling the Suorin Air cartridge you may follow these steps for the actual vaping procedure. First, connect the cartridge (the one you just filled with e-liquid) and ensure that it’s securely attached to the battery. Next, flip the power button to turn on the Suorin Air. The power button is located on the bottom along the side of the battery. Once powered on, press your lips onto the mouthpiece and draw.


The Suorin Air uses LED lights to signal the current operating status of the Suorin Air. Upon use, the LED will light up as you draw from the vaporizer. The light will generally be blue when in use but will turn red to signal you that the battery is running low. To charge the Suorin Air, locate the USB port found at the bottom of the device. Once the open the port and connect the USB either into a computer or a USB wall adapter.

The Suorin Air charges quickly in as fast as 30 minutes from empty to full. The Suorin Air features pass-through charging, allowing you to vape while the Suorin Air is charging. Although the Suorin Air charges quickly, for those who can’t wait to vape on their favorite e-liquids, the Suorin Air allows you to wield the unlimited power of your mains connection.

To keep the Suorin Air in good working condition, it’s important to keep its components clean especially the metal contacts on the bottom of the e-liquid cartridge. The metal pins can be cleaned with a paper towel. Avoid using wet tissues as the water might get into the battery and may damage the internal circuitry of the Suorin Air.

About Suorin Air 

The Suorin Air is the newest e-liquid vaporizer you never knew you needed. Our latest offering in portable vaping featuring cutting-edge engineering and sophisticated design. The Suorin Air was made to replace the conventional cigarette smoke providing you with endless options for all your vaping needs.  

The Suorin Air, along with all the vaping products by Suorin are crafted to accommodate a wide variety of e-liquids so you’ll never have to bother purchasing different devices for different e-liquid materials. Enjoy a wide variety of e-liquids with the new Suorin Air.  

Cleverly Compact 

The Suorin Air is a small and compact vaporizer. With the size of the average credit card, the Suorin Air can easily fit in almost every pocket and can go inside any bag, pouch, or purse. It’s easy to carry around whether you’re rocking a pair of well worn jeans or if you’re sporting a classic suit and tie. With its stylish and sophisticated design, the Suorin Air fits in every attire, matches every mood, and most of all, looks good on anyone. It comes in unique color options like Matte Black, Gunmetal, Silver, Grey, Lime Green, Gold, Rose Gold, as well as limited edition color options like Sea Blue and Hollywood Red. Suorin Air colors perfectly matches your unique personality, works well for both the subtle and sophisticated and for the loud and proud spirits.  

Many have said that the Suorin Air resembles the shape of an iPod. Because of its sleek dimensions, the Suorin Air can easily be mistaken as a portable gadget and lets you slip anywhere with the Suorin Air without causing everyone's head to turn. Unlike the traditional bulky vaporizer, the Suorin Air looks cleverly compact and is brilliantly built making it extremely inconspicuous to the eyes of the unlearned. Only those who know Suorin or those who are adept to vaporizers in general will notice the shrewd scheme that is the Suorin Air.  

Its small size means you can take the Suorin Air almost anywhere you go. It’s the ideal vaping device for quick hits in places where smoking and vaping is permitted, like your favorite coffee shops, your preferred vacation and camping spot or even when you’re comfortably sitting at home. The Suorin Air lets you vape your select e-liquid flavors without the guilt. Unlike conventional cigarette smoking, Suorin vaporizers such as the Suorin Air leaves no foul smell. It’s the perfect vaporizer to use when you’re attending social gatherings or when you’re out and about. Gone are the days when you had to suffer from the foul odor of smoke. The Suorin Air vaporizer keeps you smelling cool while letting you enjoy the benefits of your select e-juice blends.  

Unlike most vaporizers running on the pod-based system, the Suorin Air uses a versatile, refillable pod that can cater to a wide variety of e-juices and e-liquids.  

Never Again Will You Choke On Smoke with Suorin Air

The Suorin Air is made with safety and security in mind. Every Suorin Air vaporizer is outfitted with a smart temperature control to ensure that your e-liquids are heated without reaching the point of combustion. Combustion produces smoke, especially in commercial cigarettes, smoke carries thousands of contaminants and irritants which cause you to cough and choke. These active ingredients are known to cause degenerative diseases like lung-related health issues and cancer.  

Suorin Air carefully and steadily heats your e-liquids with the use of a special micro chip that regulates the flow of energy in the Suorin Air. This technology allows the Suorin Air to be an effective means of administering nicotine and other substances in liquefied form while greatly reducing the side-effects of the traditional cigarette smoke. That means you can eliminate the risks of lung illnesses, inhaling toxic substances, memory decay and the occasional decline in energy brought by cigarette consumption. It also means that the Suorin Air produces no threatening by-products which can otherwise be as lethal as cigarette’s second hand smoke.  

The actual smoke has a dense consistency and a thick viscosity compared to vapors produced by vaporizers like the Suorin Air. Cigarette smoke stays on your clothes for an average of forty-five (45) minutes. It also stays on your skin and on your hair. When smoking at home, second-hand smoke stays inside the house for a considerable amount of time since smoke takes longer to evaporate than vapor. Because of the significant difference in the actual time before smoke evaporates versus vapors, vapors pose fewer health risks to the people around you who are concerned about second-hand smoke. Not only does the Suorin Air makes for a healthy alternative to smoking but it's also the healthier choice you can make for the people surrounding you.  

Refillable, Reusable  

The Suorin Air uses a state-of-the-art refillable pod, compatible with most e-liquids on the market, this refillable e-liquid cartridge can vaporize many liquid materials allowing you to break free from the limitations of the average pod-based vaporizer. The refillable pods are relatively easy to use and can easily be locked onto the Suorin Air battery for a convenient plug and play experience. They use string magnetic connections for easy removal and replacement. You can purchase separate pods and fill each with different flavored e-liquids and switch between flavors as you go.  

Why suffer from non-refillable and non-reusable pods which leaves you sticking to e-juice flavors you don’t even like? Switch to the Suorin Air and experience liberation from the restrictions of your non-refillable pods. Our 2ml refillable cartridges are outfitted with high-quality coils with 1.2ohm resistance for faster and more stable heating. These coils wont burn as easy as other coils and will last longer especially when used with care and caution. We suggest priming the cottons and the coils by letting the e-liquids sit on the pods for about 5-8 minutes after refilling them. Once primed, you can start vaping and enjoy the benefits of your select e-liquid blends. If you're looking for where to buy Suorin Air, you've come to the best place

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Best travel buddy

Best travel buddy



Helped me a lot

Suorin Air was my bestfriend when I was still trying to quit. I still love it and have 2 of it so I don't need to keep refilling.


i really like how you guys designed suorin air

Suorin Air

I really love Suorin Air

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