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Crafted for the simple yet sophisticated, the Suorin Air Replacement Pods make for the perfect inclusion to your kit. Our pods are refillable, straightforward, and are easy to use. Do away with complicated and complex procedures and enjoy effortless vaping. Each refillable, reusable, and replaceable pod system are geared towards convenience and function.

Each pod can carry 2ml of e-liquid and are compatible with a large variety of e-liquid giving you unparalleled advantage over the e-liquid platform.

Suorin Air Pods 

Our Suorin Air Pods are the perfect combination of form and function. They’re both stylish and are extremely functional, it takes on the design concept for the Suorin Air. Stylish and portable, reminiscent of sleek and slim gadgets like your favorite iPod. We outfitted our Suorin Air Pods with cutting-edge components to ensure that the effects of your favorite e-liquids are enhanced leaving you free from the negative effects of conventional cigarette smoking like lung illnesses, memory decay, energy decline, and the ingestion of other toxic substances.  

Our Suorin Air Vaporizer is our very first vaporizer, and we’ve made sure that the components used in each and every part and piece is geared towards the fulfillment of our goal to help you eschew smoking and find a better and healthier alternative. By using high-grade coils and relatively high-quality wicks, the Suorin Air Pods make for a totally healthy means of consuming nicotine without the products of combustion such as smoke or tar giving you 90% less of the toxic by-products of traditional cigarette.  

Simple, Minimalistic 

We opted to give the Suorin Air Pods a rudimentary form. This is to give the Suorin Air Vaporizer with an integrated simple design, making for an inconspicuous appearance. This only means that you can take the Suorin Air Vaporizer as well as your Suorin Air Replacement Pods with you without attracting too much attention, unlike other e-liquid vaporizers do.  

Because of its simple and straightforward design, the Suorin Air Replacement Pods can be used effortlessly without posing any difficulty to the user. You just have to insert it to the battery, no need to set any temperature settings, no need to adjust airflow or to build your own coils. The Suorin Air Pods are made and are fine-tuned to make sure you experience convenience at its best. The Suorin Air Pods, like most of our replacement pieces are plug and play pods and all you have to do is to fill them with your favorite e-liquid blends. The Suorin Air Pods are easy to install and remove from the battery though once they’re inserted, they provide a snug fit and won’t fall off easily from the base connector.  

Filling The Suorin Air Pods 

Every Suorin pods are refillable though the actual steps in filling the pods may vary depending on the model. For the Suorin Air, the pods can be loaded and filled with e-liquids through its removeable rubber lid. When turned upside down, the lid can be found on the left hand side of the bottom of the pod. Gently remove rubber lid and fill the pod just enough that it almost touches the brim. Make sure that you leave enough space so that the e-liquid will not spill once you replace the lid. It’s best to wipe the bottom of the pod to make sure there will be no juice on the bottom surface before you replace the pods back to the battery. 

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