Suorin Drop Pod Kit
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Suorin Drop Pod Kit

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We brought together the elements of ergonomics and aesthetics to bring you the best portable vaporizer in the e-liquid consumption platform. The Suorin Drop is incredibly comfortable to hold, it fits well in the palm of your hands and can easily go inside your pockets.

Enjoy convenience without compromise, the Suorin Drop uses a leak-proof pod making it one of the most travel-friendly e-liquid vaporizers on the market. The pods are relatively compatible with most liquid blends allowing you to enjoy a wide variety of e-juices, you simply can’t find anything better than the Suorin Drop. Delve into deeper depths, choose Suorin Drop.


2ml Pod/Cartridge (Refillable)

The Suorin Drop uses a refillable pod that can accommodate a wide variety of e-liquids. Enjoy nic-salt e-liquids, free-base e-liquids, and nicotine-free e-liquids.

Auto Draw Activated Mechanism

Automatically draw vapors from the Suorin Drop without having to push any buttons. Convenient, fast, easy.

310mAh Battery (Rechargeable)

Long-lasting battery for a vaporizer its size. The Suorin Drop charges via a micro USB charger and is integrated with the device for more stability and increased functionality.

Suorin Drop Pod Kit


  • Auto Draw Activated Mechanism
  • 2ml Pod/Cartridge (Refillable)
  • 300mAh Battery (Rechargeable)
  • Resistance: 1.3 – 1.4 Ohm
  • Dimensions: 73 x 49 x 12mm








The Suorin Drop is a sleek and stylish vaporizer that runs on the pod-based system. It features a refillable pod that can easily accommodate any e-liquid allowing you to use a variety of blends from nic-salt e-liquids, free-base e-liquids, nicotine-free e-liquids as well as e-juices of certain mixtures like the 60/40 VG/PG e-juices for dense clouds or 70/30 VG/PG e-juices for flavorful hits. Filling the cartridges are easy. Here’s how.

  1. Remove the Suorin Drop pod from the battery.
  2. Turn the pod upside down, you’ll find two rubber grommets covering the filling chambers of the Suorin Drop pod.
  3. Once the inside of the pod is exposed, fill it with your select e-liquid blend until full.
  4. After you’ve filled the pod, you may replace the rubber grommets and assemble the pieces back together.

After filling the Suorin Drop pod you may follow these steps for the actual vaping procedure. First, connect the pod (the one you just filled with e-liquid) to the Suorin Drop battery and ensure that it’s securely connected. Wait for at the very least 5-8 minutes and let the e-liquid sit on the pod. Press your lips on the mouthpiece and draw.


The Suorin Drop uses LED lights located just beneath the pod system to signal the current operating status of the Suorin Drop. Upon use, the LED will light up as you draw from the vaporizer. The light will generally be blue when in use but will turn red to signal you that the battery is running low. To charge the Suorin Drop, locate the USB port found at the bottom of the device. Connect the USB either into a computer or a USB wall adapter to charge the Suorin Drop.

The Suorin Drop charges quickly in as fast as 30 minutes from empty to full. The Suorin Drop uses pneumatic switches allowing air or gas to operate the device, so long as you’re not drawing air from the unit, the Suorin Drop remains turned off.

To keep the Suorin Drop in good working condition, it’s important to keep its components clean especially the metal contacts on the bottom of the e-liquid cartridge. The metal pins can be cleaned with a paper towel. Avoid using wet tissues as the water might get into the battery and may damage the internal circuitry of the Suorin Drop.

About Suorin Drop 

The best in ergonomics meets the best in aesthetics. The Suorin Drop is both stylish and practical, delivering that unique sense of style with practical form and function. The Suorin Drop is notable for its teardrop shape, an uncanny shape that brings unparalleled convenience. The Suorin Drop is a joy and a pleasure to hold, it’s a complete standout in an industry where almost all vaporizers are designed to look like a pen or a cigarette. Suorin not only boasts unique shape and form, it also has some similarly distinct features you’d be hard pressed to find on other e-liquid vaporizers.  

The Suorin Drop uses a 2ml e-liquid tank that can cater to a wide range of vaporizer e-liquids. The Suorin Drop e-liquid tank is compatible with nic-salt e-liquids, free-base e-liquids as well as a variety of nicotine-free e-liquids. Most consumers who are smokers use the Suorin Drop to help them quit smoking entirely. Because of the Suorin Drop’s wide compatibility with many e-liquids on the market, heavy smokers prefer to start with a high nicotine level e-liquid and work their way down till they get to break to a zero nicotine e-liquid. Furthermore, portable e-liquid vapes such as the Suorin Drop produces vapor instead of actual smoke which oftentimes carry toxins that may lead to harmful consequences. The Suorin Drop vaporizer is an ideal means to consume nicotine without having to worry about the hazardous by-products of the conventional cigarette smoke.  

The Suorin Drop is also equipped with the same auto-draw technology found in other Suorin vape products. An industry leading technology that allows vape users to draw from the vaporizer device without having to touch a single button on the unit. This feature all the more makes the Suorin Drop a pocketable and a travel-friendly unit which complements its small and compact dimensions. Without any physical buttons, the Suorin Drop is one of the safest vaporizers you’ll ever put inside your pocket. This means that the Suorin Drop will not fire accidentally unlike the average vape pen or a portable handheld vaporizer device with protruding firing or power controls. Since it has no physical button, nothing will trigger the heating element coincidentally. You can keep it in your bag without having to worry that other items inside your knapsack could squeeze or press the firing button on the unit. It’s the ideal e-liquid vaporizer for people who are on-the-go and are looking for vaping devices that can keep up with their dynamic lifestyle.  

Be Wise, Don’t Compromise 

The Suorin Drop e-liquid tank is crafted with leak-proof technology that’s designed not only to prevent its contents from spilling but to also hold any spit-backs saving your lips from occasional burns. Why suffer from burnt tongues and lips when you can get the ultimate convenience in a vaporizer that prevents unnecessary burns from hot e-liquids. The Suorin Drops lets you enjoy the same vaping pleasure from the conventional portable vaporizer, maybe even better. Don’t compromise your experience by sticking to the average unit. The Suorin Drop changes the way you see vaping, the e-liquid tank is made from food-grade materials that are environmentally friendly and are graded safe for human use. The tank is also visible to give you visibility over how much material you’ve got left inside the Suorin Drop cartridge which makes knowing when to reload easy not like other portable tanks that leaves knowing how much e-liquid you have left a guesswork.  

The e-liquid tank on the Suorin Drop is outfitted with a silicone valve which prevents the material inside the tank from spilling and from leaking. You don't have to worry about how you keep your Suorin Drop in your pockets. This means you no longer have to worry yourself about having awkward e-liquid stains in your pants or in your shirt pockets. This saves your favorite pair of jeans or your beloved coats and jackets from unwanted spots and spatters. The silicone valve is brilliantly placed in the airflow channel to make sure that the e-liquids won’t pour out even when the Suorin Drop goes topsy-turvy. Apart from keeping you clean and tidy, the Suorin Drop’s leak-proof design keeps you from wasting materials from spillage. It’s a money-saving feature we’re sure you’ll love. 

Safer Is Better  

The Suorin Drop vaporizer is also rigged with an intelligent battery. In this day and age where portability is dependent on mobile batteries, we’ve made sure that you’re getting the best today’s technology has to offer. That’s why the Suorin Drop is equipped with a 310mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery with fast charging capabilities and overcharging protection. This easily makes the Suorin Drop one of the safest vaporizer in the industry. Not only does it charge faster than the normal vaporizer, it also prevents the battery safe from immediate decline in life and performance. The Suorin Drop is a secure investment for both beginners and seasoned veterans since it potentially has longer overall lifespan that the regular vape unit.  

The battery can be charged via a micro USB charging cable and can be plugged either on a mains plug adapter or on a laptop or computer. This means that charging your vaporizer is no longer a challenge. The Suorin Drop charges in as fast as 40 minutes so you’d get to spend more time vaping and less time waiting while the device is charging. 

The Suorin Drop also has an intuitively designed battery level indicator that shows the level of the battery when in use. The LED lights are carefully placed at the bottom of the battery so as not to obstruct or annoy vape users when vaping with the Suorin Drop – a common complaint of most vape enthusiasts when vaping with vaporizers that have visible light signals. For those who prefer to vape discreetly, the LED light can simply be covered by your palm and you can hide the lights for a stealthy vaping experience. A flashing blue light indicates that the battery level is from 30% to 100% and a flashing red light means that the battery level is below 30% and is about to go low.  

Experience a stable output, an even power distribution, and a safe vaping experience with the Suorin Drop.  

Be Sleek, Be Sexy with Suorin Drop

One of the most striking characteristics of the Suorin Drop is its distinct ergonomic dimensions. By height, the Suorin Drop measures only at around 2.8 inches – remarkably smaller than almost any vaporizer on the market today. It sports a 1.9 inch width making it easily concealable in your pocket as well as in your hands. You can take the sleek and sexy Suorin Drop with you almost anywhere you are and enjoy the benefits of vaping on your select e-liquids without the guilt.  

The Suorin Drop comes in many different colors, a sophisticated black motif for those who like to keep a stealthy vibe. It also comes in subtle yet fashionable schemes like the brushed gunmetal, he subtle white variant and the limited edition gold color option. It also comes in vivid and noticeable colors like the diamond blue, the tiffany blue, the slime green, the limited edition Suorin Drop rainbow variant as well as plain and cheerful colors like yellow and red.  

The body of the Suorin Drop is made from Zinc Alloy metal which gives it a lightweight and a durable build. The technology inside the Suorin Drop is protected by this tough shell from minor dents and scratches from everyday use and carrying activity. It’s a fun e-liquid vaporizer to have in your arsenal. Live you passion without worries with the Suorin Drop e-liquid vaporizer. 

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better than juul

I love this better the jUul

Suorin drop

I had the suorin air first and then this.. I gotta say, you guys are really doing good at your business


What a uniquely designed vape.

Super stylish

I love the design and the color I got. And it gets the job done. Great for travel.

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