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Made from food-grade and environmentally friendly materials, the Suorin Drop Replacement Pods redefine the meaning of safe vaping. Not only should the e-liquids be free of toxic substance but the receptacle itself should also be made from non-toxic products to prevent unwanted chemical reaction when consuming your favorite blends.

Each pod can carry 2ml of e-liquid and are compatible with a large variety of e-liquid giving you unparalleled advantage over the e-liquid platform.

Suorin Drop Pods 

The Suorin Drop Pods are one of our large capacity pods that can carry 2ml of e-liquid blends. It's unique in design as it’s made specifically for our Suorin Drop Vaporizer. What’s good about the Suorin Drop Pod is that it uses 2 separate tanks to hold twice as much material even when compared to the average e-liquid pod. The Suorin Drop Replacement Pods feature silicone valves in the airflow channels to prevent e-liquid leakage saving you from the occasional spills allowing you to save e-liquids instead of wasting them. Unlike other e-liquid vaporizers that oftentimes spill e-juice from the sides, the Suorin Drop Replacement Pods are sure to keep your favorite materials safe.  

Our Suorin Drop Pods feature a funnel shaped pod which works well to channel the best airflow one could get from a refillable cartridge. Thanks to the inlet found on the pods, a perfect balance of a tight and a loose draw is achieved to maximize the flavors of your select e-liquid blends without having to give a restraint feeling every time you draw.  

Food-Grade Materials 

Because we know that one should be careful with whatever we press our lips with, we opted to create our replacement pods with only food-grade and medical-grade materials generated from environmentally friendly resources. You’re sure that the reservoir you use for your e-liquids are safe and can easily be cleaned without having to soak them or drop them into your regular cleaning solution. Simply wipe the mouthpieces with a damp paper towel or a clean cloth. Keeping our replacement pods safe for use is our commitment to our customers, you’re always sure that authentic Suorin products are the best in the market. Both our vaporizers and our replacement pieces feature state-of-the-art vaporization technology and use similarly environmentally friendly materials. The wicks we use are specifically selected to ensure better e-liquid absorption so you’d experience minimal burns even when used overtime.  

The Suorin Drop Replacement Pods are meant to cater to a variety of e-liquids and can be used with nic-salts, free-base, nicotine-free liquids as well as conventional VG/PG e-juices. You’ll never run out of options with the replacement pods for your Suorin Drop.  

Filling The Suorin Drop Pods 

Every Suorin pods are refillable though the actual steps in filling the pods may vary depending on the model. For the Suorin Drop, the pods can be loaded and filled with e-liquids through its removable rubber lid. When turned upside down, the lid can be found on both sides of the bottom of the pod. Gently remove rubber lid and fill the pod just enough that it almost touches the brim. Make sure that you leave enough space so that the e-liquid will not spill once you replace the lid. It’s best to wipe the bottom of the pod to make sure there will be no juice on the bottom surface before you replace the pods back to the battery.  

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