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The Suorin Edge brings you next level vaping in the pod-based platform. No other pod vaporizer can do what the Suorin Edge can do. It takes two of the most important elements of portable vaping and merged it into one sleek, slim, and sophisticated unit.

Suorin brings you the world’s first pod vape with a removable power source. The Suorin Edge lets you escape the constraints and restrictions of conventional pod vaporizers, its replaceable battery packs allow for longer vaping sessions and more flexible applications. Always be a step ahead, choose Suorin Edge.


Removeable Batteries

Tired of having to charge your pod vape frequently? Well, fret no more. The Suorin Edge uses removeable and replaceable batteries which means you’l have more time vaping and less time charging. With the right vaping routine you basically won’t have to put down your vaporizer to charge.

Lock Mechanism

The Suorin Edge wants you to experience safer vaping sessions. So now, you can lock your vaporizer to make sure nothing activates the firing mechanism. Five clicks to lock it, five clicks to unlock. You no longer have to worry about having issues with your Suorin Edge with this additional safety feature.

Auto Draw Technology

Like all Suorin vapes, the Edge features auto draw technology allowing you to vape without having to press any buttons. Simply draw from the mouthpiece as you would when pulling from a conventional cigarette. No need to force your draws, just inhale as you normally would.

suorin edge


  • Auto Draw Activated Mechanism
  • 230mAh Battery Capacity
  • USB Type-C Charging
  • LED Indicators
  • 1.5ml Pod Capacity
  • 1.4 Ohm Pod Resistance








The Suorin Edge is our latest offering. Running on the pod-based system, the Suorin Edge uses refillable pods that can accommodate different varieties of e-liquids including nic-salt e-juices, free-base e-juices, nicotine-free e-juices as well as e-liquids of certain mixtures like the 60/40 VG/PG e-liquids for visible clouds or 70/30 VG/PG e-liquids for flavor-packed hits. Filling the cartridges are easy. Here’s how you do it.

  1. Remove the pod from the chassis.
  2. Locate the rubber stopper at the side of the pod and remove it.
  3. Place your e-liquids inside of the pod through the small hole located at the side from where the rubber stopper was removed.
  4. Replace the rubber stopper and wipe off any excess e-liquid that might have spilled when loading.

Remember to wait for 5 – 8 minutes before you begin vaping. This is so the e-liquid gets to fully saturate the wicks preventing burnt coils and wicks.

Once the pod of the Suorin Edge is filled, follow these steps to begin vaping. First, connect the pod to the chassis. Make sure that you wipe the contacts clean to prevent any e-liquid making its way to the internal circuitry. Ensure that it’s securely fitted to the chassis so that the contacts are properly connected. If the Suorin Edge is locked, press the button on the side five times to unlock it. Once it’s unlocked press your lips to the mouthpiece and begin vaping. Make sure you do not press your lips farther to the chassis as it might block the air passage which will create a tight but uncomfortable draw.


The Suorin Edge uses removeable batteries and can be charged via USB-C charging cables. We still recommend using the charging cable that came with your Suorin Edge to prevent decline of battery life. The charging cable has the proper charging specifications that are made to conform with the removable batteries. To charge it, locate the USB-C charging ports at the bottom of the battery. Plug the charging cable and connect the end of the cable either to your laptop, your computer, of a wall mounted adapter.

The Suorin Edge charges in a fast as 30 minutes. It renders passthrough charging almost irrelevant since the batteries can be charged separately from the chassis. It lets you wield unlimited power without having to be tethered to a place where you connet and charge your Suorin Edge. Simply practice the right charging habits and you won’t have to put down your vaporizer anymore.

Like most vaporizers, it’s best to clean the Suorin Edge periodically to keep it in good working condition. Wipe the metal contacts on the chassis as well as on the pods with a clean dry cloth or with a paper towel. Do not use wet cleaning materials as it may make its way inside the chassis and can damage the internal circuit board.

About Suorin Edge

The latest offering from Suorin, the Edge, is the best thing that ever happened to pod vaping. The Suorin Edge lets you take the lead on the pod-based platform with its removable and replaceable batteries. While others still attempt to reinvent pod vaping by using proprietary portable power banks, Suorin changes the entire meta of the platform by giving you pod vapes that have interchangeable battery packs.  

The Suorin Edge uses a battery system that allows you change the batteries conveniently. You don’t have to unscrew the vape batteries from the actual chassis – they can be removed and replaced like the pods. No twisting motion, no demanding steps to detach and disconnect the battery, just pull it out, and let the new one slide in. The batteries even charge by themselves, there’s no need to keep them lodged to the actual vape chassis. The charging slot can be found right directly below the battery and not anywhere on the body of the chassis. The batteries also charge separately via USB-C charging cables. While other vaporizers still use micro-USB charging, the Suorin Edge brings you next level charging with USB-C. Your batteries will charge safer and faster.  

Gain the upper hand in portable pod vaporizers by using the Suorin Edge. It lets you experience the freedom of not having to count your pulls, no more measuring how much you’ve vaped just because you’re afraid of running out of battery. More so, you don’t need to switch to a different device when your battery runs out. The Suorin Edge keeps you going when other pod vapes simply just won’t.  

Extremely Handy 

When you’re running on a portable vaping device, you’re always dreading the moment when your battery runs out. It’s something you’re expecting yet it’s something you hate happening. Most vape users complain about the short battery life and the small battery capacity of pod vaporizers. They always seem to have to trade battery life with portability. It might seem fair since you’re basically choosing a smaller body that cannot carry larger battery packs, theoretically and practically it’s nearly impossible – or so we thought. Suorin brings you the world’s first pod vape with a replaceable battery system. That’s right, no longer do you need to conform with the norm. The Suorin Edge allows you to experience almost unlimited power in such a small device.  

The Suorin Edge is outfitted with a 230mAh battery pack (comes with two out of the box). Each battery charges separately through a USB-C port located right at the middle of the battery. This means that you no longer have to be dependent on the battery’s chassis in order to charge it making batteries with passthrough charging capabilities almost a thing of the past. This makes your vaping experience altogether safer and more convenient. Imagine, you only have to leave out the battery and let it charge remotely, you no longer have to face the risk of vaping while your battery is plugged right into a wall socket. Use the Suorin Edge as you may and just swap out the batteries after the one you’re using runs out. It also takes advantage of USB-C's superior charging capabilities. USB-C has been known to have better transfer speed, that’s why it can be used to charge significantly larger devices like tablets and laptops. Furthermore, most users find it easier to use USB-C charging cables since you don’t have to follow a specific plug position. Other charging cables like the micro-USB charging cables could easily get damaged should you plug it into the port incorrectly. This puts both the device and the charging cable at risk since both of their contacts might break if you plug the cable to the port incorrectly. USB-C on the other hand has a reversible plug making it virtually impossible to damage both the cable and the port.  

Having a pod vape that uses an intuitive battery system as well as an advanced charging technology is extremely handy in times and situations where longer battery life is necessary. While your peers stop and rest to charge their vaporizers, all you have to do is swap and snap. The Suorin Edge takes you further than the average pod vaporizer.  

Safety and Security 

Built with protection and dependability as a priority, the Suorin Edge features a quickm lock system which allows it to disable any function which allows the Suorin Edge to trigger its heating mechanisms.  

The Suorin Edge uses a manual locking technology located at the side of the vape chassis. It functions like the average vape pen locking mechanisms. Five clicks locks the device and five more clicks unlocks it. Each action is represented by an LED light where it lights up green when the device is turned on or is unlocked, and it lights up red when the action performed locks it or turns it off. This additional safety feature not only gives you peace of mind when you store your Suorin Edge but it also allows you to save battery life when the Edge is not in use. It’s neat to know that even without the locking system, the Suorin Edge is a pretty safe pod vape to use. It’s powered and activated by your pulls. Pod vapes like the Suorin Edge uses advanced air sensors which causes the vaporizer to fire. These air sensors are comprised of two thin metal sheets that contain tiny pieces of metal inside. Once you pull from the vaporizer, the tiny pieces of metal are pulled from the bottom and are drawn upwards. As they make contact to the upper metal sheet, they trigger the sensor and cause the vaporizer to fire. Although it would be almost impossible to cause the pods to fire, having this extra layer of protection ensures that you will not experience any misfires or accidental mishaps that might cause your vaporizer to explode especially when you have it inside your pocket.  

You no longer have to compromise safety for functionality. The Suorin Edge gives you the peace of mind you’re looking for in a pod vaporizer. 

Durable Exterior 

The Suorin Edge is outfitted with state-of-the-art vape technology, what better way to protect this technology that to house the Edge in a lightweight, durable chassis. The body of the Suorin Edge is made from high-grade alloy making it durable enough to withstand daily carrying activity while still maintaining a lighter weight so as not to obstruct you from your other activities. The Suorin Edge won’t give you that bulk when you place it inside your pocket. It’s super slim and sleek and the matte finish of the Suorin Edge gives it a more robust appearance while still providing it with a minimalist look and feel.  

The Suorin Edge is capable of dealing with minor wear and tear from daily use. While others will be put out of commission from accidental drops, the durable exterior of the Suorin Edge can protect it from minor falls and bumps when in use or when inside your pocket. It comes in different color options; black, silver, red, living coral, blue, and gold. You’re sure to find the color that suits your vibe.  

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