Suorin Edge Pods (2 Pack)
Suorin Edge Pods
Suorin Edge Pods (2 Pack)

Suorin Edge Pods (2 Pack)

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The Suorin Edge Pods are made from high-grade components which faithfully preserves the flavors of your select e-liquid blends. You can enjoy the best experience with this side loaded pod. It features leak-proof design with draw activated firing.

You no longer have to press any buttons while you vape, the Suorin Edge pods provide on demand heating as soon as you pull from the mouthpiece.

Suorin Edge Pods

The Suorin Edge pods are crafted specifically for the Suorin Edge model. The pods feature a side loaded design, which allows for better loading, preventing the e-liquids from directly entering the air ways where you’d pull from the pod. The mouthpiece is flat giving you a more comfortable position when pulling unlike other vaporizers that have circular mouthpieces that make you feel like drinking from a straw rather than mimicking your actual breathing. The Suorin Edge pods have two holes, one is a small hole that travels all the way down to activate the auto draw mechanism. The other hole is a larger hole for where the vapor will come out once the e-liquid is vaporized. The main airflow entry is located at the side of the pod and is designed so that air can make its way through an indent at the side of the chassis. Be careful not to overbite as when your lips cover the indents, it will create a tight draw by blocking the airways.

The Suorin Edge pods carry a maximum of 1.5ml e-liquid capacity and has a resistance of about 1.4 ohms. The pods use a horizontal coil atomizer for even heating and it is outfitted with an organic cotton to ensure that the e-juice won’t taste stale even when left for longer periods of time. The organic cottons allow superior e-liquid absorption while the coils make for proper heating even when the cotton is saturated.

Surprisingly Ergonomic

The mouthpiece of the Suorin Edge is slim which makes for an ergonomically comfortable mouthpiece. You do not have to put your lips in an awkward position since the design of the mouthpiece was intended to mimic that of the natural breathing motion. The importance of ergonomics in mouthpiece encompasses mouth strain. It allows you to breathe freely and lets you enjoy vaping better. Not only do they fit perfectly on your lips but they also fit accordingly to the actual chassis. Each pod snugly sits in the chassis and will not easily fall over or rattle once seated.

The pods are connected to the battery via magnetic connections and will sit there unless removed. That’s why you can count on the Suorin Edge as the pods will not easily be removed even if you keep the Suorin Edge inside youre pocket.

Filling The Suorin Edge Pods

The Suorin Edge pods are refillable, each step for filling the pod will vary per model and the following should be followed when loading the Suorin Edge Pods. You must first secure the rubber grommet that covers the hole at the side of the pod. Make sure you don’t pull the rubber too hard as it may damage the rubber. The rubber can be lifted with your fingernails or with a tweezer. When loading, make sure you leave enough space as air pressure from within the pod might cause spillage and leakage. 

Once filled, replace the rubber covers and wipe the sides of the pod where there might be spills as unchecked e-liquid can make its way to the main circuitry of the chassis damaging the mechanisms inside.

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