Suorin iShare Pods (3 Pack)
Suorin iShare Pods
Suorin iShare Pods - 3 Pack

Suorin iShare Pods (3 Pack)

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Suorin iShare pods are unique and feature a top-load system instead of our traditional bottom-load which increases its potential to lock in the e-liquid inside the pod for a true leak-proof experience.

Each pod can carry 0.9ml of e-liquid and are compatible with a large variety of e-liquid giving you unparalleled advantage over the e-liquid platform.

Suorin iShare Pods 

The Suorin iShare Pods are unique amongst other replacement pods from Suorin since they’re one of the smallest capacity pods and can be used in a two-part e-liquid vaporizer device. Although like all out replacement pods, the Suorin iShare pods can be filled with almost all e-liquid blends on the market today. Though they can only hold a certain amount of material, these small pods make for a unique vaping experience such as one that would allow you to go through your day with a wide array of e-juice options at your disposal.  

You can carry several Suorin iShare Pods, store them in your pocket or in your bag and change the pods accordingly as you vape through the day. You may want to bring in extra pods filled with your friend’s favorite blends so you can easily share the experience with them anytime, anywhere. Our Suorin iShare 3 Pack Replacement Pods are made with only the best materials the market has to offer. We use organic cotton to ensure that the wicking material does not affect the flavor of your e-liquids in any way. It also means that it can easily absorb the liquefied materials without creating toxic byproducts and provide you with only the cleanest and purest vapors in the industry. The refillable cartridges also feature a visible tank to allow you to view the contents of the pods so you’ll know exactly when to make a refill giving you the advantage to avoid burning your coils. We know that pods that are heavily tinted may cause you to remove and replace the cartridge from the battery just to check the amount of e-liquid you have. We've addressed that issue by making the Suorin iShare Pods with highly visible tanks.  

The Golden Standard 

The Suorin iShare Pods use gold plated connections, the gold plate ensure better conductivity and are a more hard-wearing component which ensures the longevity of our replacement pods. Apart from the gold plated connections, the Suorin iShare 3 Pack Replacement Pods also uses silicone valves to provide its users a leak proof experience. You'll never have to worry about storing your vaporizer elsewhere. The silicone valves in the Suorin iShare 3 Pack Replacement Pods are meant to keep the e-liquids inside the pods to give you a worry-free upkeep experience whether you’re travelling or maybe you’re just on your daily commute, the Suorin iShare Pods will never spill e-liquids to your clothes nor to the objects inside your bag.  

Filling The Suorin Air Pods 

Every Suorin pods are refillable though the actual steps in filling the pods may vary depending on the model. For the Suorin iShare, the pods can be loaded and filled with e-liquids through its removeable rubber lid. The lid can be found at the top of the pod once you remove the mouthpiece/cover of the pod. Gently remove rubber lid and fill the pod just enough that it almost touches the brim. Make sure that you leave enough space so that the e-liquid will not spill once you replace the lid. It’s best to wipe the bottom of the pod to make sure there will be no juice on the bottom surface before you replace the pods back to the battery.  

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