Suorin iShare Twins Pod Kit
Suorin iShare Twins Pod Kit Black
Suorin iShare Twins Pod Kit
Suorin iShare Twins Pod Kit
Suorin iShare Twins Pod Kit
Suorin iShare Twins Pod
Suorin iShare Twins Pod Kit White

Suorin iShare Twins Pod Kit

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Enjoy twice the fun with the all-new Suorin iShare. One of the very few pod-based vaporizers on the market which allows you to carry two vape sticks at once. We aim to revolutionize the way you vape and we want to make vaping more of an engaging experience.

The Suorin iShare Kit holds two batteries that contain two pods, both can be housed in one sleek power bank that can give multiple charges to both the iShare sticks. Take both out and share it with your friends or carry two vape sticks and fill the pods with two different e-liquids – the possibilities are endless. Share your unique tastes with the world, choose Suorin iShare.


0.9ml E-Liquid Cartridge/Pod (Refillable)

The Suorin iShare uses a refillable pod that can accommodate a wide variety of e-liquids. Made from environmentally friendly food-grade materials that do not react chemically to heat.

Auto Draw Activated Mechanism

Automatically draw vapors from the Suorin iShare without having to push any buttons. Convenient, fast, easy.

1400mAh Battery Capacity

A powerful battery giving you unparalleled power. Higher battery capacity means longer battery life, longer vaping sessions, better vaping experience.

Suorin iShare Twins Pod Kit


Suorin iShare Single

  • Auto Draw Activated Mechanism
  • 0.9ml E-Liquid Cartridge/Pod (Refillable)
  • 2.0-ohm Atomizer Resistance
  • LED Battery Life Indicator

Suorin iShare Power Bank

  • Magnetic Connections
  • 1400mAh Battery Capacity
  • Can Hold Two Single iShare








The Suorin iShare is a sleek and stylish vaporizer that runs on the pod-based system. It features a refillable pod that can easily accommodate any e-liquid allowing you to use a variety of blends from nic-salt e-liquids, free-base e-liquids, nicotine-free e-liquids as well as e-juices of certain mixtures like the 60/40 VG/PG e-juices for dense clouds or 70/30 VG/PG e-juices for flavorful hits. Loading the Suorin iShare pods are easy. Here’s how.

  1. Remove the mouthpiece cover by simply pulling it off the pod.
  2. Remove the silicone plastic seal on the pod.
  3. Fill the pod with e-liquid.
  4. Replace both the plastic seal and the mouthpiece cover.

The pods uses silicon plastic seals to prevent the e-liquids from leaking, make sure that you fill the pods just right on the brim to make sure that the contents do not overflow once the seal is replaced onto the pod. Make sure that the mouthpiece cover clicks into place to ensure a leak-proof experience.

We recommend priming the coils first before you start vaping after you’ve filled the pods. The wicks might burn and could affect the taste of the e-liquids should the coils be fired right after you fill the pods. For best results, let the e-liquids sit inside the pods for several minutes before vaping. After the pods have been primed insert the pods into the Suorin iShare vape stick and enjoy. The pods are also clear so you’d know how much juice you have left so you don’t burn your coils. This makes reloading easier and more efficient.

Note: do not fill the pods from the center hole as it will clog the air path and may affect the device’s overall performance. Fill the pods from the side.


The Suorin iShare power bank acts as the actual charger of the Suorin iShare sticks. This 1400mAh power bank can provide multiple charges on the Suorin iShare sticks. It can be charged through a micro USB charger. An LED light on the power bank flickers green to let you know it’s charging, similarly the Suorin iShare sticks will flicker with indicating that thery’re charging while on the power bank. A single charge of the power bank will last frequent users with less than 2 days while less frequent users will experience prolonged batter life of about 2-3 days.

To charge the Suorin iShare power bank follow these easy steps.

  1. Connect the micro USB charging cable to the Suorin iShare power bank.
  2. Take the other end of the USB charging cable and connect it to a computer, laptop, or a AC adapter and onto a wall socket.
  3. Wait till power bank is fully charged.
  4. Remove connections and enjoy.

The magnets on the power banks firmly keeps both Suorin iShare sticks in place. The Suorin iShare vaporizers snap into the power bank and will charge while they’re connected. This portable charger and power bank allows you to explore different vaping styles when using the Suorin iShare. You can either leave the power bank in your car or keep it in your bag while you stash both Suorin iShare sticks inside your pocket. You can also toggle between both the Suorin iShare sticks and flick on any of them when you need to take a hit. The former ensures that both the Suorin iShare sticks’ batteries are used up before you charge them while the latter vaping style keeps the batteries charged until both the power bank and the Suorin iShare stick batteries go out.

About Suorin iShare 

The Suorin iShare is a revolutionary vaping kit that let’s you carry two vaporizers in a compact and robust power bank. The Suorin iShare gives a whole new meaning to portability and even takes it to a whole new level.   

The Suorin iShare Vaporizer Kit consists of two slender air activated vaporizers and a Suorin iShare charger or compact power bank that lets you charge your device even without having to plug it on a wall socket. Both the slim vaporizers sport Suorin’s hallmark refillable cartridges which means that you can fill it up with almost  any kind of e-liquid material on the market. The power bank has a 1400mAh rechargeable battery that kicks up the iShare vaporizers should they run out of power. This Suorin vaporizer carries 130mAh batteries, perfect for that low temp vaping to let you savor the full flavors of your select e-liquids.  

It’s for the vape enthusiast who are always ready, always prepared and for you who wants to keep on vaping while you face whatever life throws at you. 

Suorin iShare, Simple And Shareable

The Suorin iShare is a pair of small vaporizers with refillable pods that have auto draw functionalities. Both vape pen batteries carry 0.9ml cartridges that have air pressure sensors to facilitate automatic draws. There's no need to press certain key combinations, no need to set up any temperature settings or voltage levels. The Suorin iShare is a no fuss no muss vaporizer that needs no prep time and can get you going as soon as you press your lips on the mouthpiece. The cartridges have cotton wicks which provides the Suorin iShare with better tasting vapors even when compared to other top-tier e-liquid vaporizers on the market today. Carrying two vaporizers only means twice the fun since you can either share the other vaporizer with a friend or you can fill the other pod with a different flavored e-liquid and enjoy the different tastes on your Suorin iShare pods at your disposal. The spaced micro coils hold the wicks together which effectively heats up the e-liquids without getting to the point of combustion 

The Suorin iShare is impressively lightweight yet it feels durable to the touch that it could seemingly be capable of sustaining the pressure of everyday use and daily carrying activity. It’s easy to carry the Suorin iShare, the vape pens measure at around 2.9 inches – as small as two cigarettes put together. The Suorin iShare vaporizer is the size of your index finger so keeping it in your pockets will never be a challenge, although it will still be best to have the power banks conveniently available for use. The power bank sports compact dimensions at around 3.3 inches, still smaller than the average vaporizer. The power bank, with both the Suorin iShares in it still feels lighter than any box mod on the market.  

The Suorin iShare is perfect for those who are looking for a vaporizer that features the right amount of form and function. The batteries can be connected to the power bank through magnetic connections which helps prolong the lifespan of the vaporizers themselves. No threads, no screws, and the magnets hold the vaporizer and the power bank securely. Both units are ergonomically designed to provide you with good grip as well as a comfortable hold. You can get multiple charges from the power bank so taking the Suorin iShare power bank with you anywhere you go is crucial.  

The Suorin iShare kit is best for beginners and seasoned veterans alike. It essentially is a 3-piece vaporizer kit for the price of one. You’re getting two pods, three batteries, two pods and a whole lot of fun. Enjoy your unique tastes like never before with the Suorin iShare 

Make Vaping An Engaging Experience 

Staying true to our promise of true portability, the Suorin iShare is an all-in-one vaping device which means you don’t have to carry anything else – not even extra pods. Our high-grade cartridges are meant to be refilled so there’s no need to bring extra accessories and attachments, only your favorite e-liquid.  

This distinct portable experience is meant to be shared making your vaping sessions an engaging affair. Because the Suorin iShare includes two vape sticks, you can take both of the iShare sticks out and hand one over to a friend. You won’t have to worry about the iShare sticks running out of battery, the Suorin iShare power bank can provide multiple charges to your iShare sticks. It’s basically a charger you can carry packaged in a convenient, compact, and small body that can house both the slim iShare sticks. What’s more is that the power bank holds the iShare sticks inside the power bank itself which means that the sticks won’t prorude or stick outside of the power bank which allows you to carry the power bank and the sticks inside of your pocket. You can charge the sticks while you keep the compact power bank inside your bag or as you hold it in your hands. 

If you have a friend who owns an iShare stick, you can charge their vape sticks, share battery power, share the fun.  

Draw Activated Vaporizer 

Like all of our vaporizers, the Suorin iShare uses draw activated technology as the main operational mode. The iShare sticks do not feature any button making them more pocketable and travel friendly. You'll virtually need not worry of having to experience any misfires of accidental burns when you store the iShare as the only means of powering or turning on the Suorin iShare is to draw from the pod’s mouthpiece. This industry leading technology makes the Suorin iShare and all of our products some of the most advanced vaping devices on the market today. 

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    Very straight forward

    iShare is very straightforward and convenient with its 2 sticks that i can alternate.

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    iShare is uniquely designed and is very convenient.

    You get more than what you paid for

    You get more than what you paid for

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    Because of ishare, i can lessen the number of refill in a day.


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