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Experience the most comfortable vaping session with the Suorin Vagon. This futuristic looking e-liquid vape boasts sexy curves that are brilliantly designed to give your hands the best position when assuming to hold your vaporizer. Storing and carrying the Suorin Vagon is also a convenient feat. Simply clip the Vagon onto your pants, your belt, or on your pocket.

The Suorin Vagon uses premium pods that have the ideal balance of a tight and loose draw to improve and enhance the flavor of your select e-liquid blends. It also uses beautiful and functional LED lights to tell you the battery level allowing you to determine when it’s time for a recharge. Pull out your vape and start a conversation, choose Suorin Vagon.


Battery Level Indicator

The battery level indicator on the Vagon keeps you updated on the current status of your vaporizer. A v-shaped LED light informs you when it's time to rehcarge.

2.5ml E-Liquid Cartridge/Pod (Refillable)

The Suoin Vagon uses a refillable pod that can accommodate a wide variety of e-liquids. Enjoy nic-salt e-liquids, free-base e-liquids, and nicotine-free e-liquids.

Auto Draw Activated Mechanism

Automatically draw vapors from the Suorin Vagon without having to push any buttons. Convenient, fast, easy.

Built-In Belt Clip

We've brought together the elements of design and functionality. No room for the Vagon in your pockets? Hook it on your belt and carry it around with you with ease.

Suorin Vagon Pod Kit


  • Battery Level Indicator
  • Auto Draw Activated Mechanism
  • Built-In Belt Clip
  • 2.5ml E-Liquid Cartridge/Pod (Refillable)
  • 310mAh Battery (Rechargeable)
  • Micro USB Charging Port
  • 12W Maximum Output
  • Direct Voltage-Based Output
  • Dimensions: 100 x 24 x 16mm








The Suorin Vagon is a sleek and stylish vaporizer that runs on the pod-based system. It features a refillable pod that can easily accommodate any e-liquid allowing you to use a variety of blends from nic-salt e-liquids, free-base e-liquids, nicotine-free e-liquids as well as e-juices of certain mixtures like the 60/40 VG/PG e-juices for dense clouds or 70/30 VG/PG e-juices for flavorful hits. Loading the Suorin Vagon pods are easy. Here’s how.

  1. Remove the mouthpiece by pulling it off the battery.
  2. Remove the silicone plastic seal on the pod.
  3. Fill the pod with e-liquid.
  4. Replace the plastic seal and insert the pod back to the Vagon battery.

After filling the Suorin Vagon pod you may follow these steps for the actual vaping procedure. First, connect the pod (the one you just filled with e-liquid) to the Suorin Vagon battery and ensure that it’s securely connected. Wait for at the very least 5-8 minutes and let the e-liquid sit on the pod. Press your lips on the mouthpiece and draw.


The Suorin Vagon uses LED lights to signal the current operating status of the Suorin Vagon. Upon use, the LED will light up as you draw from the vaporizer. The light will generally be green when in use but will turn blue to signal you that the battery is on medium charge and red which means that the battery is running low. To charge the Suorin Vagon, locate the USB port found at the side of the device. Connect the USB either into a computer or a USB wall adapter to charge the Suorin Vagon.

The Suorin Vagon charges quickly in as fast as 60 minutes from empty to full. To keep the Suorin Vagon in good working condition, it’s important to keep its components clean especially the metal contacts on the bottom of the e-liquid cartridge. The metal pins can be cleaned with a paper towel. Avoid using wet tissues as the water might get into the battery and may damage the internal circuitry of the Suorin Vagon.

About Suorin Vagon 

The Suorin Vagon is a unique e-liquid vaporizer that boasts distinct design and construction. It’s simply not your typical e-juice vaporizer. The Suorin Vagon features a sleek and sexy body that allows easy and comfortable hold every time you use it. The ergonomic dimensions of this compact vape unit adds and improves your overall vaping experience in ways you never knew was possible.  

Suorin's Vagon is our most futuristic looking vaporizer that gives off an edgy feel and a modern vibe. Unlike other vaporizers that require extra storage space for upkeep and transport, the Vagon improves upon the belt-clip design and incorporates this layout and form to provide the Suorin Vagon a unique means of carrying and storage. Even if the Suorin Vagon sits upside down as you store it via the belt-clip, the juices and the e-liquids won’t leak. This means that you can enjoy a worry free vaping experience without having to brood about getting stain on your pants and on your shirt. Even when you keep it inside your backpack, the Suorin Vagon won’t spill e-liquid to the objects inside your bag.  

Be the envy of your peers when you take out the Vagon from your pocket or even when you keep it hanging from your trousers. The Suorin Vagon is definitely an eye catcher worthy of starting a conversation amongst you and your friends 

Suorin Vagon, Curvy And Comfortable  

The Suorin Vagon, just like other Suorin Vapes, takes the principles of ergonomics and applied this science to improve your overall vaping experience.  

The common pitfall of most e-liquid vaporizers today is their lack of neutral and natural dimensions. Most e-liquid vape devices either focus on becoming smaller and more compact or being attractive and appealing that they sacrifice the element of providing the users with a more natural feel when using the device. Most vaporizers running on the pod-based system features traditional boxed and elongated form causing the users to forcefully hold the device after such a time that it becomes uncomfortable to bear. The Suorin Vagon is designed with a curved figure to allow your hands to assume a more natural posture when using the Vagon. This means that no matter how long you hold the Suorin Vagon in your hands, you will never experience an awkward feel and your hands will experience minimal stress when vaping. The curvatures on the Suorin Vagon effectively reduces stress and constrain on your hands. 

The Suorin Vagon also uses a draw activated mouthpiece allowing you to draw vapors from the device without having to press any buttons. This means that your hands will take on a more relaxed position. The pneumatic controls ensure that no external force is needed nor any physical force need be applied in order to operate the Suorin Vagon. Our development team allowed the Vagon to focus more on the overall convenience and practical advantage of incorporating this state-of-the-art pneumatic technology and ergonomic design to help us produce a truly user-friendly e-liquid vaporizer.  

This unconventional structure allows the Suorin Vagon to be used in long periods of time providing a more pleasurable vaping experience.  

Premium Pods 

It’s only befitting that the Suorin Vagon be equipped with similarly ergonomic refillable pods to complete its natural and intuitive form.  

Suorin Vagon pods provide a perfect balance of a tight and a loose draw allowing you to taste more of your select e-liquid's flavor and enjoy the upshots of its nicotine content even better. Other e-liquid vaporizers that use an open and airy draw system makes the vapor weak and airy allowing the air to take most of your draws and immediately vaporizes the e-liquids from the coils. We’ve found that by keeping the airflow to an ideal level the e-liquid that saturates the wick and the coil make the flavors come out fuller and the vapors thicker. That’s why our premium pods can enhance the effects of your select e-juices giving you stronger flavor and more potent hits.  

Our pods also have more responsive sensors that react immediately to your draws. The reactive sensors coupled with the balanced airflow makes for a perfect tool for booth mouth to lung (MTL) and direct lung (DL) draws providing you smooth yet restricted draws. The Vagon pods are also compatible with a wide array of e-liquids on the market giving you the advantage to select your own e-juice blends and break away from the traditional restrictions of manufacturer-based pod flavored e-liquids. The pods are also tinted which adds an element of concealment without covering up the contents of the pod so you can still see the amount of e-liquid you have making an easier means of knowing when it’s time for a refill so you’ll never bust your coils.  

Unlike other pods on average e-liquid vapes, the Vagon pods ensure a tight hold which means that they won’t fall off from the vape battery.  

Keeping You Informed 

Keeping up with the future forward look, the Suorin Vagon features an LED light indicator shaped like the letter “V.” The lights change into different colors depending on the battery level to keep you informed every time you vape.  

Generally, the lights are green, blue, and red. Green signifies a fully charged battery, blue means that the battery has medium charge, and red means that the battery is about to die and must be charged immediately. Because the Suorin Vagon keeps you in the know of its battery level it’s easy to identify when to charge the device and when to conserve the battery. Although for casual vapers will enjoy a day’s vaping on a fully charged battery, more frequent users will benefit from this LED light indicator letting them know when they can go all the way and when to preserve the life of the Suorin Vagon battery.  

The battery is also short circuit protected and uses imported microchips. 

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