Suorin Vagon Pods (2 Pack)
Suorin Vagon Pod
Suorin Vagon Pods - 2 Pack

Suorin Vagon Pods (2 Pack)

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The Suorin Vagon Replacement Pods are the perfect addition to your vaping arsenal. Enjoy our superior pod system crafted with choice organic cotton and high-grade coils for that perfect hit. We choose the best materials today’s industry could offer to provide you with an enjoyable and safe vaping experience.

Each pod can carry 2.5ml of e-liquid and are compatible with a large variety of e-liquid giving you unparalleled advantage over the e-liquid platform.

Suorin Vagon Pods

Our Suorin Vagon Pods are more than just your average replacement accessory. These pods use state-of-the-art pneumatic switch technology that uses the air you draw from the vaporizer to activate it instead of using an actual power button. Like most of our refillable pod cartridges, the Suorin Vagon Pods can carry 2.5ml of e-liquid and is compatible with a wide array of e-juices and e-liquid blends. They’re easily refillable and are leak-proof. Thanks to the special rubber seals on the Suorin Vagon 2-Pack Replacement Pods, the e-liquid inside the cartridge will never leak out and get into the battery. This means that you will always have that peace of mind however you choose to keep and store the Suorin Vagon. You can stash it any way, upside down, upright, and even sideways and the juice inside the pod will never leak. Furthermore, this means you can save up on e-liquid making sure it all gets vaped and will not go to waste.  

Superior Pod Technology 

To ensure the best results and the best vaping experience, we used only the best materials in building the components of our Suorin Vagon Pods. These pods uses a horizontal coil atomizer which allows even heating resulting to better vaporization of e-liquids of various consistencies. We also outfitted our pods with organic cotton for that natural saturation, it’s the perfect material to use for maximum saturation and the organic cotton also will not affect the taste of your e-liquids even when subjected to longer heating. With proper use, the internal components of the Suorin Vagon Pods can last you longer than the average pod.  

Our Suorin Vagon Pods also use gold plated connections to ensure that the contacts won’t easily wear off. This allows the pods to function at its peak longer and will provide better fit and better conductivity. The pods are made with environmentally friendly material that are food-grade and safe to use as a receptacle of e-liquid materials. The coils used in the Suoprin Vagon have a 1.1ohm to 1.2ohm capacity and yields a maximum of 300 puffs.  

Filling The Suorin Vagon Pods 

Every Suorin pods are refillable though the actual steps in filling the pods may vary depending on the model. For the Suorin Vagon, the pods can be loaded and filled with e-liquids through its removeable rubber lid. When turned upside down, the lid can be found on the farthest right hand side of the bottom of the pod. Gently remove rubber lid and fill the pod just enough that it almost touches the brim. Make sure that you leave enough space so that the e-liquid will not spill once you replace the lid. It’s best to wipe the bottom of the pod to make sure there will be no juice on the bottom surface before you replace the pods back to the battery.  

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